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At, Fresh duck eggs are available year round. Many people like them for baking and pastries. Many of those allergic to chicken eggs can often use duck eggs instead. Of course, if you have severe egg allergies, we suggest you consult your physician before using duck eggs.

We ship high quality, farm fresh duck eggs anywhere in the Continental US via Priority Post Mail (Yes, we actually ship eggs safely all the time!). Our specially designed packaging reduces breakage and we guarantee that you'll receive your eggs in good shape. All eggs are medium size.

We take pride in our products and are one of the best online sources, providing fertile duck eggs and duck eggs for eating all year-round.

We offer Discounts on bulk purchases while the minimum-order is 20 eggs for Eating and 10 eggs for Hatching.

The cost for 20 eating eggs is $79 (all inclusive - no extra shipping fees). Allow about 5 - 7 days for shipping to the east coast and less in the western states. Don't worry, the eggs are picked and shipped fresh from the nest. We rarely have trouble with duck eggs spoiling en-route. Fresh duck eggs keep for about 2 weeks if kept cool and for about 6 weeks once refrigerated. Fertile hatching eggs are fine for about 10 days and of course should be placed in an incubator as soon as possible once received.

We ship high quality, farm fresh duck eggs anywhere in the Continental US via Priority Post Mail (Yes, we actually ship eggs safely all the time!).

" I have used duck eggs in baking since I have a severe allergy to chicken eggs. They worked beautifully and my home made bread was delicious. It is also very convenient to order them online and have them delivered to my home. I know I could not have bread or baked goods that would be worth eating without these eggs! Thank you!!! " Barbara D.

"We received a second shipment of your delicious duck eggs. My wife, who is very allergic to chicken eggs, is enjoying them immensely. She's enjoying omelettes that she has been unable to for years." C. G. Wilson King, MD

Duck Vs Chicken Eggs

Unlike chicken eggs,duck eggs have a high alkaline content and are noted as an anti-cancer food.Duck eggs have the same taste as chicken..

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Quantity Discounts

We offer Discounts on bulk purchases. Minimum-order is 20 eggs for Eating and 10 eggs for Hatching Purpose.

Science Projects

Many Schools Order Fertile (Hatching) Duck Eggs from us for their Science Projects Year after Year.

Consider our Subscription Program...                         You can Also Buy Fertile Egg Packs For Hatching

Many schools and clubs order fertile duck eggs to teach children how ducks hatch and grow. We sell these packages with a pamphlet on how to incubate and hatch those eggs. Great fun and a great education for school kids. Pekin ducks are the most common type of duck and are found all over North America. When you think of cute little yellow duck chicks, that's what a Pekin looks like. They're very hardy and the easiest to hatch.

Special Orders by Breed (For Hatching Eggs only)

When you order online you'll get mixed duck eggs which means whatever breed is available at the time of the order. Most often they will be Pekins and/or Mallards. During the months of February through August other breeds are available. There is a $10.00 surcharge for special orders of any Quantity. Use the following "Buy Now" button to make payment of additional $10.00 (only if you wish to have a special bread shipped). Once the payment is made please email us the Required breed info.

Duck Egg Incubators

We carry the finest small incubator available for home, hobby, or school hatching projects. Check out avaliable models and prices Here

Our Duck Eggs are Guaranteed Fresh

By the way, our duck eggs are picked, washed, and shipped all on the same day so you are assured of a fresh product. Don't take chances buying your eggs just anywhere. We stand behind them and have a "no unhappy customer" policy. We've been shipping fresh and fertile duck eggs coast to coast to many happy customers for years now. If you are unhappy in any way, please call or write to us. We'll make things right.

Duck Egg Quality

Below is an excerpt from the USDA web site about the USDA Shelled Egg Grading Service.
The USDA's grading service is voluntary; egg packers who request it, pay for it...

What Are Egg Grades?

There are three consumer grades for eggs: U.S. Grade AA, A, and B. The grade is determined by the interior quality of the egg and the appearance and condition of the egg shell. Eggs of any quality grade may differ in weight (size).

U.S. Grade AA eggs have whites that are thick and firm; yolks that are high, round, and practically free from defects; and clean, unbroken shells. Grade AA and Grade A eggs are best for frying and poaching where appearance is important, and for any other purpose.

U.S. Grade A eggs have characteristics of Grade AA eggs except that the whites are "reasonably" firm. This is the quality most often sold in stores.

U.S. Grade B eggs have whites that may be thinner and yolks that may be wider and flatter than eggs of higher grades. The shells must be unbroken, but may show slight stains. This quality is seldom found in retail stores because they are usually used to make liquid, frozen, and dried egg products...

As an egg ages, the white becomes thinner and the yolk becomes flatter.

Very few duck farmers (we know of none) actually go through or pay for the USDA grading process. The reason for this is that duck farmers do not have the mass production of typical large scale chicken farms. The good news is that our duck eggs are fresher than most eggs you'll ever find in a store. You're getting them directly from the farm. Our animals are treated well and all accepted sanitary procedures are followed.

When you crack open one of our duck eggs, you will see a very high and firm yolk and thick firm whites as well. This is not just because they are duck eggs, it is because they are farm fresh duck eggs.